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Returning EAC Students

Once Accommodations Have Been Approved

As a student, it is your responsibility to request the services you need in a timely manner. The requests have to be completed each semester. Any changes to your schedule (adding, dropping classes) after submission have to be promptly updated using the Access Portal.

  • Step 1: Student submits a request for accommodations in each of his/her classes.
  • Step 2: EAC Staff approves the accommodations and emails an accommodation letter to each of the student’s instructors.
  • Step 3: Student and their instructor discuss the implementation of the accommodations.
    • Additional steps are required for the following accommodations. (See Implementing Accommodations for more information)
      • Alternative Testing
      • Alternate Format
      • Note Taking
      • Accommodated Absences
      • Captioning
      • Interpreters and Transcribers