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Alternative Testing

If you would like the student to take their exams in your department:

  • Be sure that the testing environment is satisfactory. If a student has a quiet, limited distraction testing environment as an accommodation, be sure that there is a suitable environment in the department.
  • If applicable, the department must provide the reader/scribe. The EAC does not have the resources to provide these services outside the center.

If you would like the EAC to proctor your student’s exams, please review our testing facility guidelines:

  • Complete the testing contract. The contract is included in the original accommodation letter we send to you. There will be a link to a very brief questionnaire. Your answer will give us permission to proctor your exams and give us guidelines on how you would like your exam to be proctored.
  • Students are responsible for scheduling their exams according to their professors’ expectations (on the same date and at the same start time as the class).
  • If there is a conflict with scheduling the student will need to have permission from their professor to schedule an alternate testing date and/or time.
  • The EAC does not verify that students are scheduling accordingly.
  • Please upload the exam to the EAC Access Portal (a link will be provided in a courtesy reminder e-mail sent to you).
  • If you prefer to e-mail the test to the EAC, please email the test to testing@boisestate.eduDO NOT send tests to individual EAC staff. All staff can access the testing account; we cannot access each other’s accounts–if the test is sent to an individual staff person who is out of the office, the student will not be able to take the test.
  • Deliver regular exams/quizzes 1 business day in advance and final exams 2 business days before your student is scheduled to take their test.
  • If your student has been approved a reader for their exams/quizzes, the EAC will process the exam to be compatible with a computer screen reader. The EAC will require regular exams to be delivered 3 business days in advance and final exams will need to be delivered a business week in advance for processing.
  • Please remember to pick up completed tests.
  • You may also have the student return their completed exam in a sealed envelope. Please make sure to include the building and room number of where the student will need to return their exam.
  • Students who want to re-schedule exams must do so through the EAC Access Portal. It is the student’s responsibility to verify the new time and date with the professor. Rescheduled tests will be proctored in the EAC on a space available basis.