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Become an Access Assistant

As part of the accommodation process, there are occasions in which we hire students to perform different tasks. Generally, these positions will be split into three separate categories:

  • Note takers: In order to have full access to the classroom, some students use note taking accommodations. Note takers are fellow students enrolled in the class who upload notes to the EAC’s Access Portal. Student using note taker accommodations then download the notes from the Access Portal. If a note taker is needed in a class, the EAC will email all students on the class roster. Interested students just reply to the email and complete the instructions attached. Note takers must be in good academic standing and have a base GPA of 3.0. All approved note takers must complete a one-time training prior to providing the accommodation. Note takers may choose to receive a stipend or volunteer. Occasionally, if a note taker cannot be found from the class roster, hourly note taker positions will be posted in Bronco Jobs.
  • Lab Assistants: Some students that may have some physical challenges may need assistance performing different labs. The job duties for this position will generally be scribing the notes for the lab or assisting with the use of different tools in order to complete the instructions. Students already in the lab will have the opportunity first of becoming a lab assistant. In case the position is not filled within the class, it will be announced in Bronco Jobs.
  • Office Assistant: These student workers will be based at the EAC office. They perform several tasks, including test proctoring, conversion of texts into alternate formats, and clerical duties around the office. Generally, we will have 4-6 student workers for these positions every semester. The pay is hourly, not to exceed 20 hours a week. Openings for these positions will be posted on Handshake.

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