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Accommodations – Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Interpreter, Real-Time Transcribing & Captioned Videos

The Educational Access Center provides accommodation in the classroom for any student needing assistance in order to complete their academic goals. Deaf or hard of hearing students are no different. We provide various accommodations, ranging from interpreters to captioned videos. An interpreter will provide a voice to sign and sign to voice interpretation of language occurring in the classroom and for class-related events. Real-time transcriber will transcribe voice to text in real time as the student reads the text interpretation on a computer screen. Finally, captioned videos display a text description of the dialog and sound effects occurring on a video.

Requesting Services

Students who have been admitted to the university and registered for classes will need to complete steps 1-3 of the accommodation process. All student requests for an interpreter, real-time transcriber, or captioned video are submitted through the Access Portal. The student should submit a request for classroom interpreter, transcriber, or captioned video services as soon as he or she has registered for classes.

  • All custom interpreter or transcribers requests for events occurring outside the classroom should be submitted at least 72 hours in advance.
  • All cancellations for services should be submitted 24 hours in advance.

Non-Academic Patrons:
Patrons who are attending events hosted by the university should contact the respective department, i.e. Taco Bell Arena, Morrison Center, STEM Exploration, Family Weekend, etc. to request interpreter, transcriber, or captioned video services.

Non-Course Related events:
Individuals who have not been admitted to the university, registered for classes, or who are attending non-course required events (campus tours, orientation, guest speakers, etc.) should contact the hosting department to request an interpreter, transcriber, or captioning video.

All course related events:
All requests for interpreters, transcriber, or captioned videos for course-related events should be requested through the Educational Access Center. Those include, but are not limited to meetings with advisors, instructors, study groups, tutoring sessions, plays, speakers or volunteer activities required for a class.

Scheduling an on-site interpreter

Prospective students, family members, and Patrons:

Hosting department coordinates services through Network Interpreting Services.

Admitted or enrolled students:

Students request services through the Access Portal.

Department representatives request services on behalf of a student through the EAC Transcribing or Interpreting Request Form.

Emergency Interpreting Services

Use Video Remote Interpreting to request interpreters on demand.