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Accommodations – Alternative Testing

Alternative testing refers to accommodations that will be implemented during quizzes, exams, midterms and finals. These accommodations range widely and are customized to each individual student. If you are interested in alternative testing, please make an appointment with your Educational Access Coordinator to discuss this accommodation.

After you have been approved for alternative testing, your course instructor(s) will determine how the accommodation will be implemented. It is advised that you set up an appointment with your instructor to learn of any specific testing instructions that you will be responsible for and where the instructor will be having you take your tests, i.e. in their office or department, at the Testing Center (for Blackboard exams), or at the Educational Access Center (EAC) testing facility.

If your instructor determines you will be taking your examinations at the EAC testing facility, you will need to submit an Exam Schedule Request through the Access Portal to reserve a testing time.  Please note, quizzes and regular exams should be scheduled 1 calendar week in advance of your exam day, and 3 calendar weeks in advance for your final exam. If you have any questions concerning the implementation of your alternative testing accommodations please contact the Accommodated Testing Coordinator at 208-426-1606.